Embedded Payments: A game changer for software providers

Software companies deliver the frictionless payment experience their customers want, and support their growth, retention, and market differentiation goals with a single solution. Welcome to the world of Embedded Payments.

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Accept more payment methods with omnichannel options.

One in five businesses stated they would switch software providers to accept all the payment types their customers want.

This shift is driven by two things: changing technology and consumer preferences. And once the wheels start turning, there’s no going back. Providing a unified payments experience is changing the game.

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of business owners report that accepting multiple payment types is vital.

Faster time to market

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Is a disjointed payment experience costing you?

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The 4 software platform non-negotiables.

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How we think about Embedded Payments

Growing your software base, keeping customers happy, and offering innovative payment products, services, and experiences at scale are sizable business goals, yet essential to success.

You’re ready to hit your goals and keep your software top-tier with an Embedded Payments solution and partnership. Collaborating and consulting with true payments experts to help optimize your strategy and easily extend the services, products, and experiences that your customers are actively searching for (and are willing to switch providers for) can make all the difference.

But introducing a new partnership into the fold is not to be taken lightly, as it often comes pre-packaged with frustrations in the form of self-serve implementation models, absent support teams, and tech debt.

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What’s possible with an Embedded Payments partnership?

Why Embedded Payments in the platform are key

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Real impact you can feel across your entire business model

For your software

  • An out-of-the-box solution for creating a frictionless payments experience.
  • Control over the entire experience from configurable fees to a white-labeled portal.
  • White glove support and expert guidance to scale with your business. 

For your customers

  • The merging of online and offline payments in a single portal for easier management and reconciliation.  
  • Omnichannel payments putting all your in-person payments and e-Commerce payments in one place.
  • PCI compliance tools and risk mitigation technology for faster, more accurate PCI reporting requirements.

For the end customer

  • Fast and frictionless payment experience.
  • Choice of payment method.
  • Secure transactions with omnitoken.

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There’s no stopping you now. Continue your payments journey.

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Grow software user base and drive revenue

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Keep and engage customers with the tools they need

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Remain competitive and strategize long-term success

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Deliver a personalized payment experience

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